Taku Kumabe Photography and Design (old)

Partial Solar Eclipse

The moment the sun crept into my frame, backlighting the CN Tower and presenting me with its silhouette, was a thrilling experience to see. It’s not often that one can witness the wonders of an eclipse. It’s also not often…

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Streets of Sapporo

A winter snow storm in Sapporo, Hokkaido gave way to exciting opportunities for photography—even for someone who doesn’t do a lot of street photography. As someone who loves landscapes and nature, street photography is a…

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Hokkaido Minimalism

Evoking feelings of serenity, peacefulness, and tranquility within, minimalist photography has always been a passion of mine. It comes as no surprise that I was truly excited to be going to Hokkaido, Japan in the…

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Shiretoko Peninsula

The Shiretoko Peninsula—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—is known to be the southernmost point where ice pack flows from the northern hemisphere, making this a favourite destination for many photographers. The Shiretoko National Park encompasses a large…

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Notsuke Peninsula

A lesser-visited area in the east coast of Hokkaido proves to be one of the more eventful parts of our trip to Japan. Notsuke Peninsula is a small strip of land that juts out for…

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