Sunrise on a farm

Nikon D800, 14mm, 1/1600 sec., f/8.0, ISO 640
Nikon D800, 14mm, 1/1600 sec., f/8.0, ISO 640

One of my new favourite spots to shoot while I was in Karuizawa, Japan, was this farm perched on top of a hill. Once you climb the short steps up the hill, you are rewarded with such an expanse that it allows for some spectacular sunrise and sunset shots! What a gem this place was, and to think I almost never made it here.

My editing process for this particular photo was done entirely with a few apps by Topaz Labs. Using Topaz Labs Adjust, I increased local contrast in certain areas, which gave some texture to the photo. I then passed it through the Topaz Labs Star Effects to heighten the sun area, and give it that faint sun spike that you see. I finished it off by adding a slight vignette using Topaz Labs Lens Effect, which is just a really easy and convenient way to go around this.

All throughout the edits, I still tried to keep as much of the morning feel as I could, since this was what I wanted to get across. It was truly a magical moment to be in that beautiful morning light.

As a sidenote, if you’re interested in seeing what Topaz Lab’s Adjust is like, feel free to email me or comment below with your email, and I can give you $10 off the regular price (on any of their programs), for a limited time only!

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