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Edited with Topaz Lab's Impression
Edited with Topaz Lab’s Impression

I used to like drawing a lot when I was a child, so now and then I find it interesting to see when a photo gets converted to a drawing masterpiece at the click of a button.

No, I didn’t draw this picture above, but I did take the original picture it was based on (seen below). I brought the photo into Topaz Lab’s Impression app to see what it could do. It’s a pretty fun app to play with, producing quite a variety of looks. With complete customization of how your end product will look like, you can hack away at your photos for literally hours.

I don’t believe I tweaked this photo at all after I brought it through one of the default presets, and I think it looks great. The program managed to keep the subtle (faded) tones that I liked about the original photo. If you like these kind of edits or transformations, go give the app a try. You can download and play with it for free during the trial period.

The original picture is below, taken at the Devil’s Punchbowl lookout in Hamilton. Pretty neat, eh?!

Nikon D800, 15mm, 1/500 sec., f/8.0, ISO 250
Nikon D800, 15mm, 1/500 sec., f/8.0, ISO 250
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