Climbing Ice

Nikon D800, 135mm, 1/800 sec., f/6.3, ISO 800
Nikon D800, 135mm, 1/800 sec., f/6.3, ISO 800

A few weeks ago I went to Hamilton to try and take some more photos of waterfalls. I decided to go to Tiffany falls because of its height and accessibility. When I got there, however, I soon realized that I wouldn’t be able to get any photos of the falls at all!

The morning ice climbing session was getting underway and the instructors were waiting for their students to come marching in any minute.

It wasn’t a complete loss though, since I ended up shooting the climbers themselves. Moreover, some people from the Burlington photography club were there, so I was able to get some one-on-one ice climbing photography tips from one, very enthusiastic guy. He was a veteran 30-year photographer who came to the waterfalls to de-stress, so he says. He shared his thoughts on composition, angles, camera settings, and more.

Fortunately I didn’t come totally empty handed. The photo above is a sneak peak of some more photos that I will eventually post somewhere.

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