One good thing about shooting in the mornings

One of the great things I like about shooting in the early morning hours is its peacefulness. There’s often nothing in sight to break the noise or the calmness of the waters. When there’s no wind, the water sits still, and the reflection seen is just magical.

The morning reflection along the shores of Humber Bay
The morning reflection along the shores of Humber Bay

Of course, often times I am also befriended by fellow swans and ducks that curiously approach me as I set up. They’re great to take pictures of as well, but they also disturb the waters, creating ripples throughout. And the sound swans make when they start to fly is just magnificent. In the stillness of the morning, as they flap their wings for take-off, it literally sounds like being under that Toronto windmill with that deep “whoosh” sound as the blade passes you by. I was first startled to hear that coming from a swan of all things.

Keep an eye out for these fellas and take your reflection shots before they come to you.

You’ve been warned.

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2 thoughts on “One good thing about shooting in the mornings”

    1. Thanks Holly! The way I see it, it’s so much easier to plan a sunrise shoot because all you have to do is wake up and you’re ready. As for a sunset shoot, you have to plan your day around the event, which makes it all the more difficult. You can always go back to sleep after you take the sunrise! 🙂

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