The beauty of that first light

Nikon D800, 5.0 sec., f/13, ISO 100, 200mm
Nikon D800, 5.0 sec., f/13, ISO 100, 200mm

This morning was rather unexpected, which is why I was so happy with the end result. The clouds were quickly moving in from the left hand side of the frame, covering any sort of morning light. I could see it from how far I was. I knew that with this much cloud coverage, there would be no chance for the sun to shine through it.

However as the sunrise time slowly approached, the morning glow behind the skyline turned a magical pink hue. With the fog rolling in from the right hang side, the light was perfect, and it was almost a surreal moment. I just loved the colours surrounding the buildings as the sun was rising above the horizon. Here, I caught the sun just as it started peaking out from behind the buildings.

This light didn’t last very long though. Those clouds from the left rolled in covering more of the pink hue as time went by, making this moment one of the best moments of the morning.

This just goes to show you that anything can happen at any given time. Even when you think the clouds are too thick for the sun to shine, sometimes they just open up at the right moment. And even if you think the clouds will be rolling in during those precious few minutes of the morning light, you may just get that small window of opportunity to shoot your best shot of the day.

Even in doubt, go for the shoot.

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