Last chance to see my photography at Crafted

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Shot at Crafted for their Instagram feed with a great leather portfolio from a local manufacturer.

I’ve had some of my photography up at Crafted since the start of this month and I’m happy to hear that many people have gone and taken a look at them. My photos will only be up until the end of April so if you have a chance, please do stop by Crafted and take a look.

If you’ve gone already and liked what you saw, please do let me know in the comments below. I love to hear what other people think about my photography, whether good or bad.

While I take a lot of landscape photos, what I have at Crafted is somewhat of a mix of my city and landscape photography. My hope was that it would appeal to a broader audience.

Thanks everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Last chance to see my photography at Crafted”

  1. Heading there this afternoon, to pick up my coffee, glad I saw this! Will check out your photography (would have anyway, but it’s a heads up! lol!)

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