Humber Bay Park East

I’ve decided to split this post into two separate posts since the photos are from two different areas of the park. I suppose I could have included them all in one post, but I’m being like those directors who like to split films into two or three or six different films…just because they can.

You’ll notice that these set of photos are much darker than my previous ones. That’s because these were shot during the early winter morning as the sun came above the horizon. I also had my 106ND (six stop reduction of light) filter on, which allowed me to take some longer exposures without blowing the highlights.

I was afraid that the shoot wouldn’t turn out because of all the clouds, but as luck would have it, the clouds cleared away at some point, letting the sun peak out for some time. This made for some very nice pastel hues that were just beautiful to see in person.

Here’s my little setup for when I take timelapse photos with my iPhone 5s. I prop my phone on my mini-tripod, open up the Lapse It Pro app, and let it do its magic as I shoot in other locations with my dSLR. It works well I have to say. The resulting time lapse is shown below in full 720p. I posted this earlier on my Instagram account, but had to shrink it to fit its size, which made for a tight squeeze. I think this turned out quite well for a timelapse from a phone.

Join me in my next post, where I’ll upload the remainder of my sunrise shoot at Humber Bay Park East.

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