Lakefront Promenade Park

With this year’s relentless winter weather, there’s really not much to do but to find ways to enjoy yourself through the cold. So once again, I took to the snow (?) and headed to another park in Mississauga. This time it was Lakefront Promenade Park, which I thought would give me good photo opportunities given its proximity to Lake Ontario.

This lighthouse gave us some decent subject matter…albeit for a short while.

With white all around, it was nice to have this splash of colour on the ground. The natural engineered wood siding colour of the bench matched nicely with the dried up grass on the ground.

As soon as I saw this tree though, I knew I had to take a photo of it in one way or another. I ran up the hill to frame this with the lake as the backdrop. The two benches beside it added a little more colour to the photo as well.

As we walked around the park, we came across the docking area for the boats. There were a number of ducks on the water and as soon as we approached the docking area, more and more of them flew our way.

This is John. He lives in the West end as well. And with his trusty Samsung phone, he goes out shooting. Rarely do I make portraits—let alone portraits of myself—but this time I decided to take one.

And so I leave this post with some ducks. Lots of them. They must have liked us because they just kept coming as we stood there.

Be on the lookout for my next Winter Wonderland post from my sunrise shoot at Toronto’s Humber Bay Park East. I feel cold just by typing that.

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