Humber Bay Park East II

My previous post included photos from my sunrise shoot from the first location we were at. On our way back to the car, we noticed an area that we had yet to explore. Sure enough, this was another picturesque area that we had to take advantage of, especially in the morning light.

This beach and icy coastline was our first view as we came here, and it was quite striking at first site. The ice stretched on for quite the distance.

As we walked along the beach area, we came across this ice formation on top of a tree trunk that had somehow toppled inside the water.

And as I looked further into the distance, I saw that there was another photographer. He was literally just a black blob moving around since he was quite far away. I love how the steam is coming off from the water.

Wherever I go, the ducks will follow. This time they looked like they were enjoying the morning sun. The orange hue from the sunrise was the perfect backdrop.

And finally, I leave this post with this view looking West from the beach. You can see that the beach extends for quite the distance. The fallen tree in the foreground covered with snow and ice made for an interesting element in this photo as well.

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