Colonel Sam Smith Park

Toronto—and perhaps many other places around the world—has been having a pretty relentless winter this year. With temparatures falling below -30 celsius with windchills, ice storms, and strong winds, mother nature had many people scrambling to seek shelter.

However, you can’t take photos of mother nature from the inside, so I decided to go out one fine evening. When I left the house, it wasn’t too bad. However, soon after arriving to my destination, the snow storm got heavier, stronger, and temperatures fell dramatically.

I made my way to Colonel Sam Smith Park, just south of Lakeshore to see what I could come up with.

With high winds whipping around the snow over Lake Ontario, it was hard to stay still and take photos.

As the clouds moved in ever so quickly, darkness fell upon me. I could only capture so much with these low light conditions without a tripod. I caught some geese sitting quietly on the lake as the wind swept by them. If only I was as warm as they were.

I did manage to find some colour in this drab environment.

This somewhat dilapidated bench proved to be a good subject, however, with strong winds blowing from behind me, I could only stay here for so long.

I’ll have more winter wonderland photos from a different park in the GTA in my next post, so stay tuned!

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