Winter wreaths

Wreaths are often brought out and hung on doors during the holiday season, lifting the festive spirit. However, these holidays wreaths are more than just decorations. There’s a rich history behind these wreaths that stretch back as far as the Romans.

The Romans originally hung these wreaths on their doors as a sign of victory. Women also wore them (as headdresses) as a symbol of pride, in addition to wearing them on special occasions like weddings. Now, Christmas wreaths are made by bending evergreen branches into circles, which symbolizes Christ’s strength, love, and the creation of life.

While I was in Japan over the holidays, Yukiko, a dear Instagram friend of mine had a showing of her winter floral arrangements. Being the holiday season, she crafted some delicate and beautiful wreaths, and displayed them in a rich setting within a corner of a warehouse selling vintage furniture, that can be also purchased at stores as Ivy and Wilde online. It was a great setting for her style, and was a joy to see the details that went into these arrangements.

To see more of her fantastic floral arrangements, visit her Instagram account here and follow her: She posts a great collection of her flower arrangements in addition to select stylish and minimal food photography that will be sure to inspire you in one way or another.

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  1. What a wonderful surprise!! I’m so happy you have taken such a lovely photos. ?????????????????????????????And thank you for your kind support!!

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