Lakeview Park in Oshawa

I head out to Oshawa every other month for work. But somehow it never occurred to me to actually explore the area. So this past week while I was there, I google mapped the location and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a park and lakeshore nearby.

Seeing as it was a sunny day, I went after work to take some photos. Little did I know, a snow squall was heading my way in a matter of minutes. You can see from these photos that the sun was shining bright, blue skies were present, and white fluffy clouds were all around.

The water by the shore was by no means clean. Brown in colour, it was a contrast from the white snow and ice.

For some reason, the waves crashing against the ice caught my attention. Enough so that I had to try and capture the action.

Shortly after all of the above were taken, it started to snow and the clouds started rolling in. It finally occurred to me that I was going to get stuck in this squall. See the little part of Lake Ontario that isn’t covered by the snow?

The squall pretty much made its way on land, while I was standing by the shore.

So I made my way back to my car, before stopping to take a couple more shots.

Just before getting in my car, I spotted this dog and his owner, crossing the pathway…so naturally, I had to take a photo.

Here’s a little bonus.

When I edit my photos on my iPhone, I use a number of different apps to get the feel and look that I am after. My most recent winter wonderland posts on Instagram have been edited with Snapseed, VSCOcam, and Mextures. These days I’ve been using all three apps quite a lot. However, when it comes to photos that I post on my website, my editing style changes, somewhat because the same style on Instagram just doesn’t feel the same when enlarged on screen. I find the beauty of the edited photo is lost when enlarged.

VSCO has filters available to use on the desktop, however Google’s Snapseed is no longer available for the desktop—but is available on Google’s Picasa, a photo sharing site. The Mextures app is not available on the Mac either, but its creator, Merek Davis, has made his Mextures (textures) available for download.

So even with using some of these apps on the desktop, I find the feel of the image disappears, and I opt to edit differently.

What do you think of the differencees from these photos, compared to my Instagram photos available here?

Snapseed for iOS
VSCOcam for iOS
Mextures for iOS

Snapseed on Google Plus
VSCO for Mac
Mextures pack for Mac

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