B&W landscapes can be dramatic

iPhone 6 Plus, 4 second exposure
iPhone 6 Plus, 4 second exposure

I’m not the one to make black and white landscape photos, but when I see one that works, I stick with it. This photo that I took with my iPhone 6 Plus is one such example.

This was in fact a long exposure of about 4 seconds, which is why you can see the rocks so clearly. The exposure was long enough to smooth out any movements from the water.

I was standing on the edge of the icy area so I was restricted in where I could place my camera and tripod, but I knew somehow, this place would work well. While I was pleased with the coloured version, as soon as I edited this in black and white, I knew instantly this was the version I wanted.

When you have an instinct for a photo, go with it and take it. The same can be said about your editing!

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2 thoughts on “B&W landscapes can be dramatic”

  1. Hi Steffen,
    I just used the Slow Shutter Cam app, which mimics long exposure photography on iPhones. Try it out; it’s lots of fun! Make sure to use a tripod too.

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