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I have a rather large backyard but I haven’t been able to take advantage of it at all this year. With so many things to do inside the home, I have yet to be able to take care or let alone enjoy the outside of my home.

So over the weekend, I took a quick break and decided to shoot a series on the flowers and the bees hiding within them. It was overcast both days and it actually rained throughout one of the days, so sometimes it was hard to get to the bees—not to mention they move pretty quickly. These shots were taken with my 24-70 f/2.8 and a 105mm macro lens. Click on the thumbnails to see all the glorious details of the bees.

A showcase of colours from one of the trees in my backyard.

These flowers are late bloomers in that all Spring I was wondering if anything was going to happen with the trees. Alas, these started to bloom the other day, but are already starting to die. We have colourful benches in our backyard that are just waiting to be used too.

Flowers and the bees

And we also have some tomato plants, where we pick a few each day for our dinner. We’re just waiting for that eggplant to grow a little bigger, and hope that it actually tastes like an eggplant.

These bees were flying all over the place, trying their best to suck all the sweet nectar from the flowers. Covered in pollen, it was a sight to see.

Bee getting to the sweet stuff

After the bee sucked all the nectar, it made its way to a dead flower and did some other things there that I’m not quite sure of.

Flowers and the bees

So that’s pretty much what I captured of my flowers and the bees. The bees live a pretty busy life as you can see. Let’s hope one of these days I’ll be able to enjoy more of my backyard, so that I can share even more photos of it.
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Flowers and the bees

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