Arowhon Pines in Algonquin Park

Muskoka chairs line the shores just outside the dining room.

For an all-inclusive resort within Algonquin Park, one cannot go wrong with a stay at Arowhon Pines. The resort, nestled off a dirt road from HWY 60, provides all the amenities one could want in an outdoor getaway. Whether you come here as a couple or as a family, it provides the perfect setting for a relaxing or activity-filled holiday.

To get to the resort, you have to drive through Arowhon Road, a 6-7km dirt road off of HWY 60 (16km from the west gate). Driving through this on the way in makes you wish that you don’t have to drive back out anytime soon. Fortunately, the resort caters to all of your needs, and they do it well enough that you don’t have to worry about this ride until you check out.

A one-night stay includes three meals, which are just fantastic. Each meal we had started off with an appetizer buffet that made our appetites grow even larger. Afterwards, we ordered from the menu, and for dinner, always finished off with a dessert buffet. How could you go wrong with that? Not only was the selection of food good, the quality of the food was just as good as they looked. The chefs do a great job with the presentation and creativity of the dishes that it was always a treat to see what each of us would be getting during mealtimes.

I never actually took any photos of the food since I was too busy eating it, but I did take a fair amount of photos outside in the park. So enjoy these photos, and know that you too can experience the great outdoors while getting pampered at Arowhon Pines.

Evening sunset at Arowhon Pines.

Sunset at Arowhon Pines

Blue hour at Arowhon Pines

The early mornings at Arowhon Pines brought about a lot of fog. I didn’t wake up early enough to catch the fog that was as high as a few feet above the water, but I did manage to get the last of it, at about 7:30am.

Early morning at Arowhon Pines

Early morning at Arowhon Pines

And one cannot get enough sunset photos in Algonquin Park.

Sunset at Arowhon Pines

Watch for my future posts where I will show some of my photos from my kayaking adventures in the park, and my first ever attempt at astrophotography…both posts coming soon!

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