Why did I include this car with the mountains?

One of the best things about driving in the mountains is when you are approaching them for the first time. The first sighting of these mountains really brings into perspective how large they are—or how small you are.

Nikon D800, 1/400 sec., f/6.3, ISO 100, 70mm
Nikon D800, 1/400 sec., f/6.3, ISO 100, 70mm

While I did most of the driving on my trip, there was a time where I decided to be the passenger for once. Driving from Calgary to Banff, it was  great to see the mountains coming towards me, and all around me. When I took this picture I wanted to capture the mountain range in front of me, to show how much space they occupied. I also wanted to include the vehicle in front of me for size comparison and added interest. I did wish the car to be a little closer to us so that it could be a more substantial element in the photo, but I knew this mountain-scape wouldn’t last very long as there was a curve coming ahead of us.

The vehicle also serves one other purpose. It gives us an overall sense of loneliness because we see a single car on the road. I took this photo from a car, but instinctively we don’t think about that. We only think about what we see within a photo. So, this car makes us think that they are the only ones there in a vast landscape surrounded by these monstrous mountains.

Does this car in the photo work for you? Feel free to let me know what you think!

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