We are becoming a selfie nation

With more and more people having access to mobile devices and cameras, the thought of holding a stick in front of you and posing is slowly becoming the norm. We see it everywhere now: on the streets, at home, in the office, up on top of mountains, roof tops, in the ocean, and anywhere else you can imagine.

It’s so common now that people don’t even think twice about others holding out a giant pole in the crowd for the sake of marking their presence in history. I have to admit that I am guilty of owning a selfie stick as well, even though I rarely use it.

We are becoming a selfie nation.
We are becoming a selfie nation.

While at the Door’s Open event the other weekend, I was walking in the Osgoode Hall grande library. I wanted to take a picture of the aisle with the books on either side. Right before I went to take a photo, I saw a shiny metal object slowly extending out from the left, and entering my frame. It was as if a robotic arm was extending to grab something—somewhat reminiscent to Inspector Gadget’s arm. I can hear him now, “go go gadget arm!”

When the arm stopped moving, I realized it was a selfie stick and the people were posing just behind the left bank of books. The scene couldn’t have played any better. This turned out to be a better photo than I had originally envisioned in my head, so I’m thankful I was there at the right time.

The library was quite crowded so I was happy that nobody else came into the frame while this happened.

Do you own a selfie stick? Do you use it everywhere? Are you part of this ever growing selfie nation?

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