Almost meeting a King and Queen at the AGO

I took a walk today and almost met a King and Queen. True story.

I was walking along Dundas Street slowly making my way towards the Art Gallery of Ontario, showing my Periscope followers the streets of Toronto when I noticed a large group of police vehicles stopped on the road. Someone came out from one of the black vehicles also parked along the street so I asked him what this was all about. He kindly told me that the King and Queen of the Netherlands are inside the AGO right now, and will not likely come out in the near future.

Meeting the King and Queen
Meeting the King and Queen

But since I didn’t actually meet them in person, I had to settle with taking a picture of their police entourage, which was quite impressive. There was a red carpet at the entrance to the Art Gallery of Ontario, but that wasn’t really picture worthy so I focused more on the impressiveness of the police motorbikes and black cars.

It was probably the largest entourage of police motorbikes that I’ve ever seen so seeing them lined down the street was rather interesting. I angled myself so as to try and get the complete line within my frame, as that makes a good guide for the eye to move within the photo.

I did intentionally wait until the streetcar was in my frame as well, as the lines lead up to the streetcar on the left, completing this photo.

If you had a chance to meet a King and Queen, would you have waited to see them in person?

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