That’s so cliché

Nikon D200, 1/125 sec., f/15, 14mm, ISO 100
Nikon D200, 1/125 sec., f/15, 14mm, ISO 100

When you’re out shooting and you see an opportunity to shoot in front of you that you’ve seen countless of times in magazines, postcards, or somewhere else, go ahead and take your picture without guilt. It’s ok that thousands of other people may have done it in the past. It’s ok that perhaps many of your friends have already seen the same scene before. It’s ok. Why?

Because now, you’re the one taking the picture, which means you’ll inevitably provide your own take on the subject matter, making it your photo.

Take this shot for example. If you’ve ever seen vacation magazines or brochures, touting overwater bungalows, this is/was a common viewpoint for many. Since this was the first time I was shooting overwater bungalows, I knew I had to take this with my own camera, just to see how I can make it different in my own way.

Who knows, the shot you take may inspire you to take others, giving you even more interesting ideas and opportunities for creativity.

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