Photography is all about constant learning

Nikon D800, f/9.0, 1/250, ISO 200, 16mm Fisheye
Nikon D800, f/9.0, 1/250, ISO 200, 16mm Fisheye

It’s amazing how much one year can change a photographer. I was looking back at some of my older photos from exactly a year ago, and already I’ve noticed that I’ve started to change my editing workflow. This photo, taken on my trip to Fiji last year is a good example. My original edit was rather dull, not even straightened, and I had easily let go some colour balance issues in certain areas of the photo.

I’ve since fixed these problems, including adding newer sharpening settings that I’ve recently put in place to better reflect the details within.

I even managed to cover up a glaring white blotch in the clouds, where the sun was peaking through. Rather than a white blob in the middle of the photo, there is now a better representation of the sun in there!

This practice of going back and re-editing your photo can be a good lesson in that you learn what you were doing before, and how it affected your image in certain ways. You look at the same photo a year or so later and sometimes you wonder what you were doing when you edited that photo.

This is all a matter of how you as a photographer mature and learn more techniques in post-processing, which just goes to show that one can never stop learning.

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