Sometimes it takes a while to get that right angle

Interesting angles are sometimes hard to see.
Interesting angles are sometimes hard to see.

Nobody said photography was easy. If it were, almost everybody would be on Instagram uploading every photo they take (imagine that!). Having a good eye certainly helps, but great angles and perspectives don’t always come easy for everybody. That’s why you have to be conscious of new perspectives when you go out shooting, and make the extra effort to move around and see things from an angle that you normally wouldn’t see things from.

For this particular photo, I was attracted by all the lines in front of me. I tried to find an attractive way to display all the lines but found it difficult at first. I tried moving from side to side, up and down, and finally settled with this shot, which I took at just below waist-level. My focus was on the V in the foreground, and used that as sort of a frame to the rest of the image in the background. You can somewhat see that this V is repeated again the background on the top right of the photo, and in other locations in the photo.

Seeing this took a while, but it pays off to be patient and to try and see things from a completely different point of view.

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