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This year I took it upon myself to print more of my photos. Over the last few years I’ve taken so many photos that I have yet to be able to fully appreciate them beyond posting them on select social media sites—if at that. Most of my photos are rarely seen as I edit them and just leave them on my hard drive where it collects e-dust.

Edge detail of the metallic print.
Edge detail of the metallic print.

To better appreciate the your photography, I highly recommend going that extra mile and getting them printed. Whether you do it by printing 4×6 prints or enlarge them to 16×24, or make them into photobooks of all sizes, you will see that your photos get an extra appreciation out of just seeing them in pixels. There is in fact something very different about being able to hold your work.

This post is just a sneak peak at what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks now. It will be revealed very shortly and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it come to life.

Metallic Print

Details of the metallic print.
Details of the metallic print.

Metallic prints are quite different than regular photographic prints as they bring that extra depth and vibrancy to your photos, yielding in that extra visual appeal. Look at it straight on, or look at it from a slight angle to see the sheen of the metallic paper come through your print, making it extra special.

I’ll be showcasing this print soon!

There are so many other varieties of paper to print on to make your prints better looking. The process deciding on what you print it on, and editing the photo accordingly can be just as exciting as the process of taking the photo. You feel that sense of excitement waiting for the print to finish. And that’s something that will never be duplicated in this digital age.

More to come.

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