Feature Photographer on Huffington Post Canada

Purple Beach captured and edited on iPhone 6 Plus
Purple Beach captured and edited on iPhone 6 Plus

Today I just wanted to give a thanks to Huffington Post Canada for selecting me as a feature photographer of the week on their latest Instagram account, @CanadaGram, which is their project featuring “Canada’s best instagrammers.” Now, I certainly don’t think I qualify to be in the ranks of Canada’s best, but I do appreciate them noticing my photography, that’s for sure.

Each day they will be posting a photo from my account, with answers to some interview questions that I was asked. Please feel free to follow along on their account and get to know me just a little bit better.

And if you do, don’t forget to say hello! Or, you could just say hello here too. Hi!

This Purple Beach photo was taken off the shores of Hamilton one morning when the ominous clouds were rolling in. The purple hue and the faded look were all made thanks to the Mextures app.

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