Lesson learned from a trip to the Canadian Rockies

iPhone 6 Plus edited in VSCOCam
iPhone 6 Plus edited in VSCOCam

If it’s one thing that I’ve learned from my recent travel to Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, it’s that the weather is seldom predictable. In a span of one hour, the weather had changed from sunshine to overcast, to rain, to snow, and back to sunshine!

The mountains really make the weather unpredictable, needless to say, making planning for photography that much more difficult. Every sunrise and/or sunset that I shot, I really didn’t know what the weather was going to be like even when I was at the location. Clouds could open up in an instant while I’m standing there, while at other times the clouds could just linger on forever, making for rather dull moments.

Unfortunately for me, the latter was true for most of my sunrise and sunset shoots. I was never really confronted with breathtaking colours that really made me go “wow.”

Fortunately during the days, I had some really great weather for picture taking so I came back with no shortages of great images. It’s really hard to not take good images when you’re in a picturesque location like the Canadian Rockies.

These will take some time to edit on my computer, but please feel free to follow me on Instagram (@smaku) where you’ll see my iPhone 6 Plus images uploaded on a regular basis.

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