Can I really use these lights for photography?

The Original NanoLeaf: 1600 Lumens, 12 watts
The Original NanoLeaf: 1600 Lumens, 12 watts

In photography, light is everything. If we had no light, we would have no photos. So that’s why when I came across these funky looking lightbulbs by NanoLeaf on a Kickstarter campaign, I knew I had to take a closer look at them myself. These may not necessarily be lightbulbs geared for photography, but they are powerful enough to emit a soft glow to the subject in its vicinity that it may still be a worthwhile look. These lights are ultra bright at 1600 Lumens, using only 12 watts!

If you can’t use these for photography, you’ll always have a sexy looking lightbulb to add to your decor!

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