Is this seat taken?

iPhone 5s, edited in Instaflash Pro and VSCOcam.
iPhone 5s, edited in Instaflash Pro and VSCOcam.

In stark contrast to yesterday’s post of snow, this photo—taken in Fiji—is a much nicer scene for most people. How would you like to eat breakfast here every morning?

I took this with my iPhone 5s as I was sitting in my seat, eating breakfast. The water was calm, and the sun was bright. It was the perfect description of Fiji. Perfect enough that Tourism Fiji decided to take it off of my Instagram feed and upload it on to their own stream, without credit! They normally give credit but for some reason, they failed to do so with this photo of mine.

I direct mailed them only to have them ignore my messages. So, I used Instagram’s online form for complaints and voila, it was deleted off of their account soon after.

It’s important to remember that every photo you upload on the internet is pretty much on public display for anyone to do anything with. It’s a matter of having to deal with the consequences yourself—if you care to do so.

I do take pride in my photography so when someone else fails to credit me, it’s something I wish not to take lightly.

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