Going for a walk

Capturing the sun with my iPhone 5s.
Capturing the sun with my iPhone 5s.

If you’re ever in a creative photography block and want some inspiration, a great place for a walk is the University of Toronto campus in downtown Toronto. During the summer of last year, I had a chance to explore the campus and found some great places to just sit and relax, or to take in some great perspectives to satisfy the creativity in me.

Some parts of the campus have already been heavily photographed, while others have yet to be discovered and are just calling for its time in front of the lens. Just be sure to not walk into the middle of a lecture!

While I would normally cringe at the thought of going back to school, this is one reason I’d be happy to go back.

The glow of the sun coming in from the left window really caught my eye here, and that is what I wanted to focus on in this picture. I loved how it cast a bright area on to the pillar on the right, and on to the pews. Chasing light is a fun way to challenge your creativity, allowing you to play with the light and shadows to create an unlimited amount of possibilities.

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