Hey Spring, where are you?

Cherry blossoms' early bloom at High Park
Cherry blossoms’ early bloom at High Park

Spring has officially sprung but there really is no sign of it anywhere. With temperatures still below the freezing mark, it looks like Mother Nature has other plans for us. But fear not, eventually it will get warmer, which is a sure sign that these cherry blossoms will start to bloom at High Park once again.

I’ve never been much into floral photography, but for some reason these cherry blossoms often bring me back to High Park every May. Every year I just randomly take pictures of these flowers never actually knowing the ins and outs of taking beautiful floral photography. Perhaps this year calls for a change.

Anybody know much about taking good looking picture of these cherry blossoms?

For those wanting to know more about cherry blossoms, and specifically when it will be blooming in Toronto’s High Park, someone has generously made a website dedicated to just this! You can head over to www.sakurainhighpark.com where they will update you on when the peak time to go will be. It is usually within the first two weeks of May, but it’s all a guess right now with these cold temperatures.

You can visit the official City of Toronto High Park site here, or there’s another independent site dedicated to this park: High Park Toronto.

Have you taken any beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms that you are proud of? Show me by linking to them in the comments below!

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