Get out and go explore your surroundings

When you’re out travelling in a new city or country, I seriously hope you have no days where you are sitting in your hotel room watching TV, letting the day pass by in front of you. Whether you have just one hour or the entire day free, get outside and take a walk to explore your surroundings and see what makes the city what it is today. There’s a bountiful of things to explore even if you don’t see it in front of your eyes. I make it a point to explore every spare moment that I have so as not to waste my time there. After all, you’ve come there for a reason—not to watch TV in a hotel room.

Nikon D200, 1/100 sec., f/19, ISO 100, 21mm
Nikon D200, 1/100 sec., f/19, ISO 100, 21mm

This photo was taken in the outskirts of Osaka where I took the train to a remote area and started walking. I passed by these abandoned red-brick warehouses that were apparently popular to the locals. Coming from a city where we have our own touristy red-brick warehouses, this wasn’t all that special, but I loved the fact that it was abandoned, as it showed on its facade. Boarded up, locked up, and just waiting for budding urban explorers to find its inner secrets.

You’ll be surprised as what you find so I highly encourage you to get out and explore your surroundings!

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