Christian Louboutin Exhibit at Design Exchange

Last month I had a chance to shoot the opening night of the Christian Louboutin exhibit held at the Design Exchange in Toronto. I’m not overly picky about my own pair of shoes, and frankly cannot fathom spending so much on a pair (I do own a pair of shoes that cost me less than $10!), so I didn’t really know what to expect from the evening. However, stepping foot into the exhibit, I found myself strangely intrigued by his collection. Or more so, how the exhibit was displayed.

With such a wide variety of shoes displayed along the walls, on pedestals, and even on a carefully lit carousel, there were more shoes from a single brand than I’ve probably ever seen in any one place. The exhibit is on until September 15th so if you like what you see here, then it’s probably something you’ll want to see for yourself before it ends.

Shoes were lined along this platform while a video was playing on the far wall. Everybody was using their phones to take pictures of all the uniquely decorated shoes.

I couldn’t get a wide enough angle of the entire carousel which was a shame because it was actually nicely lit up and decorated, making it for a unique presentation of his shoes. Old photos of Louboutin were scattered on the carousel as well.

The exhibit floor was basically divided into several areas, each showcasing a different set of his shoes. There was also this corridor, if you will, lined up with pedestals surrounded by greenery, which was a rather interesting thing to see in the middle of an exhibit floor. Other areas included a round table, more shoes along a wall of bare lights, and an entire separate room filled with other Louboutin goodies in showcases.

Of course no opening night party would be complete without an actual party! I can’t be exactly sure but I think the multiple party rooms were actually larger than the exhibition itself. With the party spanning multiple floors, it was dizzying just trying to get from one place to another. Wait, maybe that was because of the open bar with loads of drinks from Grand Marnier and others. There were no shortages of drinks and food to be had as they did a pretty good job feeding the patrons.

As I approached the Shu Uemura area and as soon as she saw that I was taking photos of the event, she immediately posed for me sticking her tongue out. The guy looked back with a smile just in time as I snapped this shot. Right beside this area was the Flare photo booth courtesy of I didn’t get a chance to see the outcome of each photo taken, but these people seemed to have enjoyed what they saw.

If one goes to the exhibit, I would think these party rooms will no longer be there. That’s unfortunate because this atmosphere added to the experience that evening, which made it all the more worthwhile. Still, if you’re a fan of Louboutin or expensive shoes, then you’ll probably enjoy the exhibit all on its own, making it a must see for Louboutin/shoe aficionados.

Self portrait overlooking Louboutin shoes

Self portrait overlooking Louboutin shoes in the spotlight.

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