Being prepared

Being prepared in Nikko, Japan
Being prepared in Nikko, Japan

Landscape photography has a lot to do with proper lighting. It makes a world of difference so it’s always a good thing to know when that natural light is at its best.

When I went to Nikko, Japan late last year to enjoy the autumn colours of the Japan alps, I had a moment at the bus station when I was waiting around for the bus to come. The clouds were covering the peak of the mountaintop, making it for a dull time. I knew, however, that the sun would eventually have to come out!

I walked around the area with my camera bag on my shoulder to see if there was anything of interest nearby. Low and behold as I killed more time, the sun started to peak out of all the clouds. For the first little while, I enjoyed the sunshine and the warmth it brought that day. It wasn’t until a short while later that I looked back at the mountaintop to see that most of the clouds had dissipated.

With some lingering clouds beneath and the sun shining bright, it reflected off the clouds in such a way to give a surreal moment. I knew the lighting was just right here, so I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots of the mountain with the autumn foliage in that perfect light that just makes the trees pop out.

If I didn’t have my camera at that moment, I would have missed all of this, since the clouds rolled back in as quickly as they had disappeared earlier. I loved the series of photos I took at this time, and will eventually post more.

Photo opportunities can arise when you least expect it, so always be prepared.

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