A little B&W goes a long way

People who know me, know me for my colour photography. I was never a guy for black and whites. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them at all. They have their own beauty to them, when done right.

Today I thought I’d bring to you some b&w that I edited from a little photowalk that I did in Shinjuku, Japan a while back. At night, the area is filled with guests filling the small restaurants that often seat no more than a handful. Each place has their own specialty and charm. I went there during the day, so I managed to catch most of the shops closed, or if I was lucky, the owner preparing for their evening menu.

Shinjuku photowalk
Soba, Udon
Shinjuku photowalk
Prepping for the evening.
Shinjuku photowalk
Shinjuku photowalk
Empty seats.
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