29 Days, 29 Coffee Photos

Pilot Coffee Roasters and Crafted

Pilot Coffee Roasters is a Toronto-based artisan coffee roaster, and one that I’ve been quite fond of for a long time. They have two cafés in the city, Te Aro (983 Queen Street East) in Leslieville, and Crafted (135 Ossington Ave.) in the West end of town.

So when Crafted asked me to be their first-ever guest Instagrammer for their @CraftedCoffee Instagram account, I took to the challenge immediately. While I may be more known for my landscape photography, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be exploring other styles of photography as well, so I mustered up all of my coffee-taking lifestyles photography skills—whatever I had of it, at least—and came up with 31 photos that hopefully satiated the coffee-lover in all of us. My only requirements for the photos was that if it wasn’t taken within their Crafted café or at their Pilot Coffee Roastery, then the photo had to have their brand represented in it somewhere.

At first I thought it wold be difficult to have to come up with different types of photography related to coffee and the café, but once I got started, I never looked back, and ended up with photos that I’m proud to have taken for them.

If you weren’t able to follow them on their Instagram account, I’ve posted all the shots here for your reference, with a little bonus at the end. If you’re a coffee aficionado or lifestyles photographer (or anybody else really), how did I do? Please feel free to let me know how I did in the comments below.

The Photos

All of these photo were taken with my iPhone 6 Plus and edited with various apps within. Which one is your favourite?

Crafted CoffeeCrafted CoffeeIMG_2206Visible Motion at Crafted CoffeeWorking Hard at Crafted CoffeeLatte ArtPresenting the CortadoFreshly brewed at Crafted CoffeeCrafted CoffeeThe group at Crafted Coffee

Listening carefully at Crafted Coffee

How many lattes does one need?

Espresso at its finest at Pilot Coffee RoastersAt the tasting bar at Pilot Coffee BrewersThe delivery bike at Pilot Coffee RoastersAt the Tasting Bar at Pilot Coffee RoastersLet's read at Crafted CoffeeWhole beans from Crafted CoffeeBy the window at Crafted CoffeeCoffee Passport at Pilot CoffeeThe Pilot Coffee StaffPilot Coffee Tasting BarPilot Coffee Tasting BarSubtleFast CoffeeLeather PortfolioTable MessCamera and CoffeeUmbrella Loyalty


Extra Coffee

There were a lot more photos that I took than what was posted online, so here are some more that I took for them that I like, but never made it on to their account.

Lonesome Bubbles Dog in iPad Walking by latte Latte and iPad Cortado Cortado Laptop session

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2 thoughts on “29 Days, 29 Coffee Photos”

  1. Great collection Taku. I’m a great lover of coffee and a big fan of Pilot. Though I enjoyed looking at all your shots: angles, vantage points, framing, lighting, black and white, I must say, the group photo at the Roastery is my fav. I liked it when I saw it on Instagram and I like it seeing it again. Many people are passionate about coffee. From bean to cup. The people in the photo seem to genuinely enjoy one another’s company and enjoy what they do with coffee. I feel that resonates through the photo. Well done.

  2. Hi Sophia! Thanks so much for dropping by and for your comment. I’m glad you like the group shot actually, as that was a last minute addition to my shoot! And you’re right about them being so comfortable with each other; as soon as I got them together, they were instantly interactive with each other, and overall being a crazy bunch. All I did was take the picture! I’m really glad the feeling came out through the photo though, as that’s what a photographer really wants to hear from their shots. Thanks for the feedback!

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