Toronto Sunrise Meetup – Summer Solstice Edition

Celebrate Taku’s 10 year anniversary of photographing the sunrise with his annual Toronto Sunrise Meetup during the earliest sunrise of the year!

June 2023 Toronto Sunrise Meetup

2024 marks Taku’s 10th year of his personal project of photographing the sunrise in Toronto. As this is a special year for him, he hopes you will come and join him on this very special sunrise meetup!

Join Taku on his annual Toronto Sunrise Meetup—Summer Solstice Edition! The sun rises above the horizon at approximately 5:36am, and will align itself with the CN Tower at approximately 5:51am. Are you up for the challenge?

How do I join?

You just show up. No registration required. You can also sign up for my mailing list below to be reminded of future meetups!

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If you are interested in joining me and other like-minded photographers, here are the details.

Who: You

What: Toronto Sunrise Meetup – Summer Solstice Edition

Where: Colonel Sam Smith Park

When: Saturday June 22, 2024, 5:00am

Meet me at the X

For anyone who wants to walk as a group to the shooting location, please meet me at the X for 4:50am. We will all walk together at 5am sharp.

For those of you comfortable walking to the shooting location, you can walk there anytime.

Sunrise Alignment

At approximately 5:51am, the sun will rise somewhere behind the CN Tower so you can capture the beautiful alignment.

Prizes, oh my!

Taku would like to thank the entire photographic community for their support and enthusiasm in photographing the sunrise with him by providing some special prizes to lucky winners! We have a few sponsored prizes from various companies that Taku has worked with in the past.

You must attend the meetup for a chance to win as all prizes will be given away after the sunrise alignment.

Thank you so much to this meetup’s prize sponsors!

The Toronto photography community greatly appreciates your generosity.


See you there!

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