Timelapsing Through Singapore

With over 45 timelapses used, this compilation video is a unique way to experience many of Singapore’s hot spots. Can you guess them all?

My 10-day trip through Singapore was filled with everything from wildlife sightings to museum explorations and everything in between—not to mention eating some spectacular dishes this country-state is known for. To savour these moments, I made sure to take photos—and timelapses in select areas!

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Throughout my sightseeing trip, I made it a point to create timelapses whenever I found an interesting vantage point—which, in Singapore, there are no shortages of. By the end of my trip, I had accumulated more than 45 timelapses to document my travel. Looking back at each of these timelapses really brought back the memories of being there.

Cameras Used

I used everything at my disposal, which allowed me to create timelapses in even the most random places, like at my dinner table. The cameras used to create this video were:

  • Nikon Z 9
  • Nikon Z 7ii
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max native camera app
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max native camera app

While most of my timelapses made with my Nikon cameras were created on a tripod, those that were made with the iPhone were primarily handheld. This makes for a more organic feel to the timelapse as you’ll notice the slight movement within the video—I was intentionally not 100% steady while filming. I like this effect for certain timelapses as it matches the business of the locale I was shooting in.

Timelapse Specifications

The timelapse video is 4K resolution. Since iPhone’s native timelapse feature only creates HD quality videos, I later enlarged each timelapse using Topaz Lab’s Video AI software, which can enlarge the resolution of video—and does a remarkably good job at it! [Use my referral link to get your copy.]

Timelapses created with my Nikon cameras are full sensor resolution timelapses of 8k resolution, so there was no issue in outputting to 4k resolution.

I combined all my timelapses together using Davinci Resolve Studio 18, accompanied by music from Artlist.


You’ll notice in some scenes I had a timelapse-in-timelapse going on. My wife was filming me from behind as I walked along and created the timelapse. It’s something a little different, so I tried it a few times. Let me know what you think of it!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed creating it! Join me in exploring Singapore with this unique compilation of timelapses.


Just a note to say there are quick flashes of timelapses that will appear and disappear for the first half of the video.

Timelapsing Through Singapore

Do you create timelapses too? Did you enjoy this timelapse? Do you have any tips for creating timelapses? Let me know in the comments below!

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