The next sunrise shoot

Nikon D800, 1/160 sec., f/10, ISO 100, 70mm
Nikon D800, 1/160 sec., f/10, ISO 100, 70mm

It’s no secret that I love waking up early in the morning just for the sake of capturing that first light. Whether it be in the middle of winter or spring, I’m game when it comes to photography. Call me crazy but that’s just when you get that best light and dramatic scenery. Moreover, it’s those moment when you get a beautiful photo that makes it all the worthwhile.

A number of people over the last few weeks have asked me when my next sunrise photoshoot will be. I haven’t been on one lately, and I likely won’t be going on another one until later in July or August.

Why, you may ask? I tend to like the sun to rise near another point of focus within an image. That’s my preference. And now, since the sun is currently rising well behind the city skyline, I’m not able to get a good view of it from anywhere near where I usually take my sunrise photos: parks along the lakeshore.

Until the sun starts to make its way back towards the CN Tower, I won’t be making another sunrise shoot. Be sure to stay with me on this blog, follow me on Twitter, or Instagram, as I will announce again, when I will start heading out in the mornings. The sun rising and the warm temperatures of July/August should make it easier to head out there, although we may be lacking some visual interest like fog or extreme winds, like what I had in the photo above.

Regardless, I’ll be sure to announce my next outing so that more people can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature combined with the beauty of Toronto’s skyline!

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