The First of Many

A three-exposure tone mapping in Photomatix Pro.
A three-exposure tone mapping in Photomatix Pro to get that little bit of surrealism effect.

The new year is upon us and everybody is gearing up to fulfill their New Year’s resolution. Whether it is to be more active, complete a marathon, or fulfill another task, it’s a great time to start something new.

I havent personally made a resolution yet, but I will be more conscientious in posting on my blog on a more regular basis. And it won’t be a good start if I miss a post on the first day would it!

With each post, I will have an accompanying photo and will talk a little bit about it, to hopefully educate my readers on how I approach photography—or iphoneography.

This first post was taken on a glorious evening in Fiji, where I witnissed one of the most spectacular sunsets in my life. The colour changes were quick but a beautiful display of Mother Nature nonetheless.

Trying to capture this moment was difficult because of the ever changing light. Setting up on a tripod ensured that I could use as slow a shutter speed as I needed to get the feel that I was after. This was three exposures combined using tone mapping in Photomatix Pro. A little touch up in Photoshop to enhance sharpness and colour, and that was all to hopefully capture that magic moment.

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