The Bow River Parkway is a Must-Stop

If you ever happen to find yourself driving in Banff National Park, be sure to take Highway 1A, or the Bow River Parkway, as that short stretch offers some amazing views of the Rockies. Even before coming here, I made it a point to have to take at least one shot of the Rocky Mountains with a railroad track in the frame. I never made the shot while in Banff Town, so I’m glad I was able to check this off my list with this wonderful landscape. Shortly after entering the parkway, I saw this view, and conveniently, an area beside the road, to park your car. I parked, got out and saw this amazing view that instantly caught my eye.

Bow River Parkway
Bow River Parkway taken with my iPhone 6 Plus

I loved it at first sight, and I still love it now. This would be one of my—if not the—favourite views from the parkway. The milky clouds coupled with the deep blue sky makes for a perfect landscape, along with the rushing waters of the Bow River beneath, and the spectacular line of trees lined along the curved railroad track.

Upon arriving here, I thought I would be able to go right down to the railroad tracks, but I was fooled with the height of where I was, and the steep decline downward prevented me from going any further. In the back of my mind I thought to myself how great it would be if a train passed by here any second. But it didn’t. So I took this shot both with my iPhone and Nikon D800 for prosperity.

The photo above is taken and edited with my iPhone 6 Plus, using the LV1 filter in VSCOCam. In a future post I will compare and contrast this photo I took with my Nikon D800.

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