Meet me for a sunrise

It’s never easy waking up for a sunrise shoot, but it’s often quite rewarding. I’ve had some spectacular results in the past, with many of you asking where and how I took those photos. If you’re interested in joining me for a sunrise shoot, now’s your chance! I welcome anybody and everybody on this particular day when the sun will rise near the CN Tower—and it will do so only from this location! It will be a great way to see the morning sun as it peaks behind the Toronto skyline, and crosses behind the CN Tower.

10 Landscape Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

With over 300 million users on Instagram, it may be difficult to find those accounts with spectacular and inspiring photos. And if you’re into landscape photography like I am, there’s definitely no shortages of great accounts to follow. To help you find some inspiration in the field, here is my list of 10 landscape Instagram accounts that never fail to inspire me.

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