10 Landscape Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

Have you ever seen these x Instagram followers you need to follow now blog posts? They’re littered all over the Internet so they’re not too hard to find. These lists are great for finding new talent and especially for finding inspiration. While I’ve come across a number of these, I realized that I’ve never actually shared my share of inspiration on my blog. So on this blog post, I thought I’d give some input on which accounts inspire me the most, and which ones I think should deserve a follow.

Since I’m very partial to landscape and nature photographers, this first list that I’ll be doing will concentrate on this particular genre. Not to worry though, I will come up with a list for other categories in the near future.

10 Landscape Photographers on Instagram That Inspire Me

These accounts on Instagram do a great job of inspiring me to get out and seek adventure. The first list includes accounts that may not be as well known, but still do a great job in making me wish I had built a career out of landscape photography. The second list consists of those that are well known around the social media networks as professional photographers. Here’s my list in no particular order.

Chloe Hibbert: @Clo.Photo

At a relatively young age, it’s great to see people exploring their own backyard. It’s no wonder why Chloe, who lives in Alberta, has a passion for exploring her surroundings. Check her stream for endless adventures in the Canadian Rockies.


Shane Black @shanemichaelblack

If Shane’s photos don’t entice you, perhaps his time-lapsing videos will. They’ll take your breath away as you scroll and look through each and every one of these videos, wishing you were there with him.

Shane Michael Black

Renee Hahnel @reneehahnel and Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel

Here’s a duo from Colorado that likes to hike together and take each other’s photographs in places you wish you could be in right now.


Jovey @vytravels

A Bay-area account that is filled with exploring its surroundings in some of the most beautiful ways.


Masa Onikata @moonlit_japan

If you ever wanted to see Japanese landscapes like you’ve never seen before, this Japanese photographer’s stream is a goldmine. Forgetting the all-too-common Tokyo cityscapes or photos from the streets of Osaka, this stream full of beautiful Japanese landscapes is unique, fresh, and certainly a little moody.


Argen Elezi @argenel

He lives in the same city as I do, but we both take very different looking pictures. His style is unique and dreamy, and makes you wish you were right there with him when he took the shot.


Scott Rankin @othellonine

Scott gives a different feel to Vancouver, Canada. The muted tones coming from his account provides a soothing collection of Canada’s beautiful west coast.

Karan B. @sendingstache

If Karan’s eye for great composition doesn’t draw you in, his snarky caption he provides for each of his photos will no doubt do the trick.


Jordan Herschel @jordanherschel

Jordon is a Taho-based travel photographer with beautiful landscapes with subtle colour added throughout his stream.


Katie Goldie @goldiehawn_

Katie’s outdoor adventures will sure whet your appetite for more mountain adventures. As her profile says, she “climbs mountains and stuff.”

Goldie Hawn

Sam Ciurdar @samciurdar and Amanda Ciurdar @amandaseeyoudarrr

Both Sam and Amanda’s take on their travel photography brings in some more muted tones, but mix in some portraits of one another and you’ll love the refreshing feed filled with happiness.

Amanda Ciurdar

Additional Accounts for Inspiration

Here’s a list with some more well-known photographers that offer endless adventures and wanderlust on their Instagram feed. I’ve separated them from the list above because these people are likely to already appear on other must follow lists.

Here’s my list of well-known photographers that inspire me, in no particular order.

  1. Colby Brown: @colbybrownphotography
  2. Chris Burkard: @chrisburkard
  3. Paul Zizka: @paulzizkaphoto
  4. Elia Locardi: @elialocardi
  5. Dave Brosha: @davebrosha

Hopefully these accounts will be of some inspiration to you all, and they motivate you to get out and seek the outdoor adventures that your heart yearns for. I know there are a lot more that inspire me, but I have left this initial list at 10 to prevent it from getting too long. If you have suggestions for other landscape accounts on Instagram, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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