Street scene in Tokyo

iPhone captured street scene in Tokyo.
iPhone captured street scene in Tokyo.

This may be one of those photos where it may not seem like anything special but somehow strikes me as being something. It’s another black and white street scene from Tokyo, but this time taken with my iPhone 6 Plus camera.

It was a blind shot in that I aimed the camera in the direction I wanted, and shot—hopefully getting the person I wanted in focus. The biker is the sharpest subject while the people all around him are blurred by their respective movement.

The grain comes from the fact that it was shot at night, and converting it to black and white also adds to the mood of the photo.

For the longest time, I was trying to edit this photo as it was in colour, with all the street lights in the background. But for some reason, the edits never satisfied the photographer in me. Finally when I converted it to black and white, it all seemed right.

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