A sneak peek at Nordstrom Eaton Centre

A few days ago I spent the evening at a private preview party for the new Nordstrom Eaton Centre, before its grand opening on September 16, 2016. We had a chance to tour the area, take snaps, and enjoy the café on the first floor, and Habitant, the fully license bar on the second floor, serving up some tasty food items.

Here are some 360 photos for you to enjoy, all taken with the LG 360 Cam. Since the opening day wasn’t for another few more days, you can see there are still empty areas, boxes, and many other things that will eventually find their proper places.

The first floor of Nordstrom has an entire wall dedicated to women’s shoes!

Turning the corner around the escalators, we’re closing in on the Beauty section of the first floor in the distance.

Bar Verde has some great things cooking in there.

The most important section of Nordstrom: the Men’s section.

I stand corrected. The most important section of Nordstrom is this men’s lounge, which houses some TVs, fridge, bar, a rather comfortable couch, and a great view of Yonge Street.

The Habitant is a fully licensed bar in the middle of the second floor of Nordstrom. It brings out some great food items and cocktails that are sure to please any palette. That tomato basil soup was awesome!

It was a fun evening, and best of all, the night ended off with a great surprise for every attendant: a personalized painted piece by a local artist who took a photo from our Instagram feed, and painted it himself. Fashion-related attendants received a portrait of themselves, and non-fashion related attendants had a random picture taken from their Instagram feed for the painting.

The original photo from my Instagram feed, Scratched Sky, is below.

The original photo that I posted on my Instagram feed, titled, Scratched Sky.
The original photo that I posted on my Instagram feed.

And the painting that was made is below.

This was painted by a local artist, who chose the picture from my Instagram feed.
This was painted by a local artist, who chose the picture from my Instagram feed.

The painting was a pleasant surprise and offered a nice touch to the evening. The gift package also included a fantastic candy bento box from Sugarfina and a champagne flute to celebrate the evening, all given to us in a handy Nordstrom reusable bag.

Many thanks to the team at Nordstrom Canada for inviting me, and for a fun evening!

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