Let’s meet for a sunrise shoot

Morning are always hard on our bodies. Afterall, you’ve been resting for the last seven hours or so. But once you get over that hurdle of getting yourself out of the bed, it gets even easier to get out there and shoot as the anticipation of seeing a beautiful sunrise will get you motivated and out of your house when it’s still pitch black outside.

Come see a sunrise with me on this special sunrise shoot!
Come see a sunrise with me on this special sunrise shoot!

For those of you who may be interested in shooting a sunrise, I’ll be heading out this Sunday morning for a special sunrise shoot. This Sunday, the sun will rise more or less behind the CN Tower, but only if you see it from one particular spot!

The rocky shores of Humber Bay Park East will be host to what I hope will be a great spectacle of Mother Nature. If we get the right conditions, we’ll be in for a special treat. The photo below shows the sun rising just beside the CN Tower, amongst the neighbouring buildings. Just imagine that sun rising right behind one of the tallest free-standing structures in the world.

The sun rising behind the Toronto skyline.
The sun rising behind the Toronto skyline.

Browse my previous posts from this week for tips on how to take photos during sunrises and sunsets. Then prepare yourself for this Sunday. To see what you may be able to capture on Sunday morning, I’ll be posting some sunrise photos all this week on this blog, so be sure to come again!

The Details

I know it’s pretty hard for many people to get up early and drive to somewhere they’ve never been to, so I’m not expecting a large turnout at all-if any. But since I’ll be there regardless of who shows up, I thought I’d post here for anyone interested.

When: Sunday April 19, 2015

Where: Humber Bay Park East – meet at the parking lot

Time: Be at the park no later than 6am – Sun rises above the horizon at 6:29am!

I may just have to periscope this session as well, since it’s a once in a moment opportunity to do so!

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1 thought on “Let’s meet for a sunrise shoot”

  1. Hi, I think we’re going to take a pass this time, as it’s just clear sunny skies. If there was going to be some cloud cover, and a possibility for a time stack, that would make it more interesting for me. Perhaps when the sun swings back around in August, it will be a sunset to get up for. 🙂

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