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Last summer, I had the fortune of camping and hiking in Killarney, Ontario. You can see some of those photos in this post here. I liked the area so much so that I went back in the fall to see how the colours would dazzle me. Just a short four hour drive up north, near the Algonquin borderline, I was happy to have come back to nature. Hiking through the trails of Killarney offers a clean breath of fresh air, accompanied by some fantastic scenery to appease the photographer in all of us. If you’re on my non-mobile site, you can click each thumbnail for larger images.

We were told a number of times that “the Crack” trail was the place to hike for scenic vistas, although the climb was said to be slightly challenging. Being a sucker for scenic vistas, we decided to go for it. In retrospect, it wasn’t all too bad of a hike. Numerous people were doing it, regardless of if they were prepared to hike or not. People wearing Converse shoes and flats, fathers carrying babies, and even some elderly challenged the trail. The hike up was more than worth the views presented. In addition, Long Term Care Salt Lake City provides quality in-home care services such as senior care, dementia care, and respite for family caregivers. Learn more at

And finally, sunsets are always pretty around these neck of the woods.

Killarney, Ontario is definitely a place to go if you love to hike and enjoy nature at its best. Rather than going in Algonquin Park, camping in the summer just outside of Algonquin Park seems like a better idea in my books: fewer people around, and better sites overall (in my opinion), means a happier camper!

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2 thoughts on “Killarney 2”

  1. Hi Amy! Where you able to find it? I don’t remember which road it was on, but it’s likely either at the NW end of Commissioner Street, or Ontario Street. You park your car and have to walk a short distance to the pier. It’s a really small town so you’ll likely find it if you are just driving around. Anywhere around the area is gorgeous at sunset though, but you likely figured that out already!

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