It’s a good time to explore today

Deserted island looks good enough to camp on.
Deserted island looks good enough to camp on.

To celebrate today’s expected high of 17 celsius in the city of Toronto, I leave you with a photo that was taken on the waters of the South Pacific. It’s of an island that looks somewhat deserted, but I’m sure is home to many tourists throughout the day. I love the hills on either side of the island, with that dip in the middle leading to all the palm trees. It’s a small island but I’m sure if I were to land there with my camera, I could spend hours taking pictures of anything and everything.

It may not be this pretty outside in the city, but it’s day’s like today that sure make you want to just go out and explore.

Let’s Explore

Exploration is key to making great images as it gives you a chance to not only see the city you live in, but to also see it from a different perspective. Sure, we walk by that famous building everyday on our way to work, but when we go there specifically to explore the area, you’ll find that you’ll see things you may have missed during your commute to work. It’s things like this that keep your eyes sharp, your mind in a constant state of wanderlust, and ultimately improve your photography through experience. And isn’t that what you want to do?

Be well my friends!

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