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A little while ago before the snow came down, Toronto Instagrammers met up for a tour of the Evergreen Brickworks. Rather than capturing the meetup with my iPhone, I decided to take my dSLR for a spin, along with my newly acquired lens.

The tour was an informative one, explaining the “green” concepts behind the creation of the Evergreen Brickworks, and gave us some insight into the revival of one of Toronto’s favourite historic sites.


Now of course, in any good tour, there are always the few stragglers who fall behind, or who just completely abandon the tour and go their own way. In doing the latter, myself, I set out to capture what everybody else was doing that day.

Now, in any good IG meetup, there has to be the requisite jump shot. As part of the group split apart after the tour, they set out their own way and climbed up the hill. These IGers are waiting patiently as the photographer set up the shot.

Although I had to leave after the tour, I did get a chance to grab “some” homemade cookies by another fellow IGer. Seeing as that was my lunch for the day, I was fairly hungry and may have ate one or two (or maybe five or six) more than I should have. 🙂

All in all, it was a fun outing, and one that was much needed as I had been cooped up in my new home doing renovations for the past few weeks.

Perhaps next meetup, I’ll actually take some pictures with my iPhone…or not. I’m beginning to really like my dSLR all over again!

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