Free coffee giveaway because I can’t have caffeine!

So it’s come to the point that I’ve amassed a whole lot of coffee—enough so that I can’t drink all of this myself. So that’s why I turn to all of you to help me! I’ll be giving away two bags of coffee beans from Crafted Coffee on 133 Ossington Ave. If you love coffee, read below for the details.

And just as a reminder, my photography is still up at Crafted so be sure to enjoy them while you can for the month of April!

Free Coffee Giveaway


Pictured above are the Easy Mate Decaf and Little Bro, but those do not necessarily have to be the coffee you choose!

Really, this is free coffee!

I’m not going to have you jump through hoops, take any quizzes, or have you sing me songs—although that would make for an interesting time. I’m simply going to pick two names from whoever comments on this blog post. If no more than two people comment, then those two people will get it. If more than two people comment, then I will randomly pick two names.

Which coffee do I get?

The best part about this is that you get to choose which coffee you would like from Crafted’s beautiful selection. They have a tonne at their store (selection varies by day) so you’ll have your choice from decaf to mild to bold, and more. My personal favourite has always been the Little Bro. Each bag retails between $17 – $20.

That being said, you should be able to get to Crafted if you want to win this prize. You can either meet me there, and we can have a coffee together while we admire the beautiful artwork on their walls, or you can simply go there at your convenience within the month of April.

Do they have to be beans?

No, if you don’t have a coffee bean grinder at home, that’s cool. Just tell the fine folks at Crafted that you would like your beans ground, and they will do it for you right on the spot!

I don’t live in Toronto, can I still win?

For this giveaway, you will have to be able to make your way to Crafted Coffee and pick up the coffee yourself. If you cannot do that, then please do not enter since they will not be shipped anywhere. Crafted is at 133 Ossington Ave.

Is that really it?

Yes. Just say something nice in the comments below, and make sure you provide a means for me to contact you, should I pick your name.

When are you picking names?

I’ll be picking the two names on the evening of Sunday April 19th, and will contact the winners either Sunday or Monday.

Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “Free coffee giveaway because I can’t have caffeine!”

  1. Always cool to try some new beans, I usually roast them myself, this would give me a bit of a break. 😉 Looking forward to the sunrise outing on the 19th!

  2. Thanks for the comments everyone! I’ve picked the winners and contacted them already. Hope to see you again on my blog! Feel free to let me know how you like the coffee too!

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