Family Fun at Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

Being cooped up in your home during the COVID-19 pandemic meant I wasn’t able to get out anywhere for photography. But once restrictions were eased a little, I was excited to be called in to Ontario’s largest lavender farm to photograph the owner and his family.

The Terre Bleu Lavender Farm—located in Milton—is Ontario’s largest lavender farm with over 50,000 lavenders planted. And with the recent opening of their second farm, it is now even bigger than ever. Having visited this new field only a couple of times in the past, I was excited to be able to go back and experience the farm with nobody else around.

The farm is closed to the general public for the 2020 season due to COVID-19, but has select openings for their newsletter subscribers.

The First Photoshoot

For most of us, living in a pandemic is a new experience. This only means that anything that comes after this period of unprecedented time will be a first for us all. For me, this was my first photoshoot during a pandemic—and it turned out great as we physically distanced ourselves on the field while I wore my mask at all times.

Look at me below taking photos of the family while I straddle the row of lavenders…which is a great demonstration of what not to do at Terre Bleu. 😉

Here I am demonstrating what you can’t do at the farm: straddle the row of lavenders! The family was demonstrating keeping six feet apart by spreading their arms while standing in a different row of the field. See the resulting photo below.

The resulting photo is below, which turned out to be a great illustration of standing six feet apart from each other when physically distancing ourselves. The soft orange glow from the setting sun behind me brought in the warmth you see in the photo.

Another behind-the-scene shot of me photographing the family sitting in the lavender field. Here I made sure to crouch down so that my lens was right above the lavenders. I wanted to ensure I got some of the purple flowers in the foreground of my image.

I crouch down trying to get as low as I can so that my camera is eye-level with their eyes.

And the resulting photo is seen below. You can see the difference in perspective as I crouched down. I am no longer looking at them from above but at eye-level, which makes this more pleasing to the eye.

This field is also full of other interesting places for photos, such as ruins, a canopy of vines, an old tower, and more. As you enter the field, you’re greeted by giant trees that hover above and around you, making for a wonderful spot for photos as well.

Standing beneath giants.

Climbing the tower is always fun!

And of course, what is a photoshoot without some fun photos? Right as I was photographing the family by the fence, the sun peaked out from the clouds, forcing the family to squint. One member put their hands above their forehead, and we all thought it would be a great idea to take a photo like this. I’d say it turned out quite well, don’t you?

A little fun as they blocked the sun from their eyes.

The Gallery

See the full set of photos in the gallery below.

There are several different varieties of lavenders, and they bloom at different times. For the most part, July and August are the best times to see them in full bloom. If you are interested in a family photoshoot or a couple’s shoot in a lavender field, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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