A Duotone Series: The NYC Collection

A Collection of NYC Photos

Whether you’ve been to New York City before or not, there is always somewhere new to visit. This ever-so-popular city is quite photogenic with many neighbourhoods each having their own charm. Although this was my first trip to the city in over seven years, my intent wasn’t to photograph its locales, but was to savour some of the great tasting food that is hidden away in its many neighbourhoods (that should be for another post!)—but that doesn’t mean I didn’t step away for a bit to take some photos now and again!

The collection of photos here were taken throughout the city as I was out and about. They were all taken with my iPhone 6s Plus, and edited using a selection of apps. My intent in editing these in duotone was to give them a more striking and unique feel to some of the more popular destinations. I didn’t want to come out with the same photos as everyone else, so I decided to give them an edit that almost resembles an infrared photograph.

This type of edit is a stretch from my normal take on photography so let me know in the comments below whether you like them or not.

The Inspiration

While this photo below didn’t quite make the cut of my duotone series, this was the photo that inspired the series. I envisioned an outline of the skyline to be lit by the remains of the sunlight to the left. But the original photo was too dark, making this edit a little too grainy to my liking. I opted to remove this photo from the series as there were alternate photos of the skyline that I liked even more.

A collection of NYC photos in duotone. All images shot and edited on an iPhone 6s Plus.
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